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That Symbol Store Online

Born in Canada.
Perfected in Bali.

That Symbol Brand aims to unite you with the natural essence of our garments, T-shirts comprised of style and simplicity with a premium touch.

That Symbol Original Custom Cotton Blend Hoodie & Polyester Foam & Mesh Hat

   Our Vision

That Symbol brand; fueled by the vitality of inspiration, and enlivened by the integral seed of creativity.

With passion and ambition we strive to offer you the physical culmination of all of our efforts and experiences in the realm of style, design, and creation.

Our mission is to accompany you in all aspects of your daily performance, to grow together with you, for you.

Our voice is your voice.

That Symbol delivers substance with style, custom apparel and accessories infused with flair, honesty, and effort.

That Symbol is our creation for your expression, and it's waiting for you.

We are all united!

Please reach out
to us!
We look forward to
hearing from you!

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That Symbol Online
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